The Team

Instead of employing a large full-time staff of engineers, Murphy and Associates Engineering utilizes a massive team of local, national, and even international engineers, designers, and drafters.  How does this benefit the client?

  • Currently Murphy and Associates Engineering maintains a relationship with over 100 engineers, designers, architects, drafters, and other experts in Alaska covering every area of engineering from environmental compliance to architectural lighting to public relations and governmental affairs.  We are prepared and will be successful in any type of challenge our clients wish to present to us.
  • While each project is unique, large firms tend to utilize their in-house, full time personnel to complete a task before hiring an outside contractor – even when that in-house employee is not the best technical choice.   At Murphy and Associates Engineering, our in-house staff is comprised only of our principal engineers and project managers, allowing us the flexibility to bring in the best, most-qualified talent for each project.
  • At Murphy and Associates Engineering, we realize that each good engineer has a passion for a particular kind of work, and would rather be doing that than anything else. That also means that there are types of jobs they just don’t enjoy, even if they are perfectly qualified to do them. By utilizing a diverse team of sub-contractors and knowing what they each love to do most, we are able to match passion and talent to client needs, resulting in a superior product for our clients and greater job satisfaction for our team.
  • With such a large team of engineers, designers, and other experts at our disposal, Murphy and Associates Engineering is always prepared for the unexpected challenge.  Whether a team member has an unexpected life event and must leave the project, the client chooses to completely change the scope of work or accelerate the schedule, or some previously unknown existing conditions alter the design plan, Murphy and Associates Engineering has the team in place to immediately address the problem, formulate a plan, and implement a correction without any adverse effects to the project.

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