Spencer Murphy, PE, General Manager of Murphy and Associates Engineering, has developed a unique approach to engineering project management formed through his manufacturing experience at General Motors in conjunction with the methods introduced through QS 9000, Six Sigma, and Walmart’s Logistics Systems.

Mr. Murphy acts as the design team lead and ultimately is responsible for ensuring projects meet and exceed all client technical design and performance goals.

While Murphy and Associates Engineering itself is a new name in Alaska, Mr. Murphy is an electrical engineer and project manager with over eighteen years of experience in telecommunications, utility infrastructure and management, System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system design, and petroleum process infrastructure design. For the last eight years Mr. Murphy has worked from Palmer, Alaska on projects around the state, including several high-profile projects for the North Slope Borough.

Currently, Mr. Murphy is working as the design and construction engineering manager for the Barrow Gas Field Critical Operations Upgrade and Modernization Plan.  This multi-year project has progressed through several stages, beginning with the design and construction of three 80-foot-tall monopole towers in support of a high-speed wireless network interconnecting over 20 individual gas processing sites spanning a 20 mile radius.  Mr. Murphy then lead the next phase of this project – the design and construction of the complete overhaul of the gas field SCADA system, which now includes one of the most powerful and robust data collection systems on the North Slope Borough network.  Recently, Mr. Murphy has worked with the North Slope Borough to implement additional improvements, including new server system security upgrades, integration of new Walakpa Field power generation and distribution equipment, and a fourth communications tower – a 50-foot-tall lattice structure in the City of Barrow – to further boost the throughput and reliability of the Gas Field Network/NSB Network connection.

At the same time he was working closely with the North Slope Borough over the past several years, Mr. Murphy has also been an instrumental design team member and leader on projects throughout the States of Alaska and Washington.  Last year, Mr. Murphy developed the electrical design for a six tank, multiple-product bulk fuel storage facility with an estimated construction cost of $15 million, to be built adjacent to Port Mackenzie for the Alaska Energy Authority.  He lead the design phase and managed the construction phase for The Boeing Company on a $2 million project to increase the size of their airfield fuel-systems testing, bulk fuel storage facility, by 160,000 barrels of Jet A. He has also provided regular electrical and telecommunications engineer support to Peak Oilfield Services for the design and construction of remote communications stations under GCI’s multi-million dollar landmark Terra NW project.  GCI’s efforts, which includes 400 miles of fiber-optic connections and 13 microwave tower sites, will bring unprecedented high-speed communications to 65 remote Alaskan communities.

As a highly respected electrical engineer and project manager, Mr. Murphy has worked throughout North America with a variety of design and consulting firms, contractors, and many local, state, and federal government officials, meeting all client expectations and full agency compliance requirements in each project. Mr. Murphy has provided telecommunication and other technological solutions, including secure military power and communications infrastructure, for general office operations, industrial processes, and telephony systems. He has assisted his clients in streamlining operations, meeting increased security requirements (both personnel and infrastructural), and controlling costs.  Recently, to stay apprised of the ever changing telecommunications world, Mr. Murphy has taken it upon himself to complete multiple certification courses with Cisco, Telcordia, Microsoft, and Wonderware.  Mr. Murphy is also currently pursuing additional LEED certifications through the United State Green Building Council, to provide a further benefit to all of his clients by designing to meet increasing energy efficiency standards.

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