Embracing Technology

At Murphy and Associates Engineering, we believe in the power of modern technology to help solve problems so we can bring better and more cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Working in the Cloud

Rather than housing our work on traditional in-house servers and accessing it through desktop and laptop computers, we have chosen to migrate most of our data management to Cloud based computing solutions. This has several advantages for our project team and our clients.

  • Without the high-cost of in-house server equipment, operating and networking software, back-up power systems, and communications systems. This means that Murphy and Associates Engineering is able to significantly reduce its technology overhead costs and pass the savings along to the client through lower fees with greater focus on project tasks and less on day-to-day office operations.
  • Cloud-based computing system are user friendly and require minimal technological experience.  An engineer with 40+ years of experience in his field may not necessarily be computer savvy or wish to become so.  Utilizing web-based solutions, performing computer tasks and other electronic communications becomes much simpler, allowing our experts to focus on being just that, experts in their field, not futzing with their computers.
  • All members of the engineering team and the client can have access to project files anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Not only does this give our design team the ability to access all project data from any location at any time, but it also provided added data security for our clients.


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